liquid nitrogen atmospheric storage tank-凯时登录

 liquid nitrogen atmospheric storage tank-凯时登录

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liquid nitrogen atmospheric storage tank

classification:atmospheric flat bottom cryogenic storage tank

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liquid nitrogen atmospheric storage tank

liquid nitrogen atmospheric pressure storage tank is an atmospheric pressure bimetal flat bottom tank used to store liquid low-temperature nitrogen. it is generally bimetal structure. pearlite is used to fill and insulate the middle of the tank to ensure the low-temperature state of liquid nitrogen in the inner tank, so that liquid nitrogen is not easy to evaporate.


configuration parameter

volume: 200 ~ 50000m ³

working pressure: 10kpa ~ 50kpa

equipment structure

structure type: flat bottom arch cover, vertical double wall;

insulation form: pearlite powder accumulation insulation;

equipment composition: inner groove, outer groove, bottom insulation layer, interlayer insulation layer, equipment ladder platform, equipment valve instrument and foundation platform, etc.

equipment foundation platform

the equipment is of flat bottom arch cover and vertical double wall structure.

the equipment foundation is overhead type. the whole equipment is located on the reinforced concrete foundation platform. the bottom of the foundation platform is supported by concrete columns. the equipment foundation is ventilated and moisture-proof, and the equipment is erected high.

inner and outer tank of equipment

the inner tank is mainly composed of tank top, cylinder and bottom plate, and all parts are made of austenitic stainless steel 304. the tank body is equipped with dn500 top manhole and dn600 side manhole. the top manhole is mainly used to enter the inner tank during construction and equipment maintenance; the side manhole is the process manhole, which is welded and sealed after the equipment is manufactured; the anchor belt is embedded evenly in the bottom foundation of the inner groove, which can fasten the whole inner groove on the bottom foundation and prevent the convex deformation of the bottom of the inner groove under the lifting force.

the outer groove is mainly composed of top cover, cylinder and bottom plate, and each part is made of q235b steel plate. the tank body is equipped with dn600 top manhole and dn700 side manhole to facilitate the overhaul and maintenance of the equipment. the bottom plate of the outer groove is laid on the foundation platform, and the outer groove body is fastened on the foundation platform by embedded steel plate, and the side of the bottom plate adopts a structure to prevent moisture from entering.

the inner and outer roof adopts the structure of zonal ribbed vault, and the thickness of the roof panel is 5 / 6 mm;

the inner and outer cylinders are reinforced by built-in angle steel ring, and the wall plate thickness of the cylinder is 5-8mm.

the key pressure bearing parts of the connection between the upper part of the inner cylinder and the top cover (pressure bearing ring) and the lower part of the cylinder and the bottom plate are reinforced by thick plate and rib plate to ensure that they can bear enough pressure.

storage medium

liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, liquid argon, liquid ethane, ethylene, etc;

process flow system

liquid inlet system; temperature system;

drainage system; gas emission system;

pump return system; analytical sampling system;

mezzanine nitrogen supply system; safety system;

liquid level and pressure measurement system; supercharging system.


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