42,introduction to corrosivity of lng vaporizer -凯时登录

 42,introduction to corrosivity of lng vaporizer -凯时登录

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42,introduction to corrosivity of lng vaporizer - doer equipment

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introduction to corrosivity of lng vaporizer

various lng vaporizers will inevitably be corroded in varying degrees doer to time or the influence of weather environment.

because most of the tubesheet nozzles are welded or expanded, process defects and complex overflow media often cause nozzle corrosion and stress cracks, resulting in leakage at the nozzle; most of the traditional solutions are disassembly, welding or blocking the pipeline, which not only can not solve the fundamental problem, but also reduce the working efficiency of the carburetor. finally, we can only invest huge funds to scrap and replace new parts.

the ee-121k composite coating has excellent anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion performance, which can prolong the service life of american enterprises and ensure the excellent anti-corrosion performance of ee-121k composite materials. meijiahua technology products are protected against corrosion. its products have excellent adhesion performance, temperature resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. the material is 100% solid and has no volatile substances. it can be used safely in a closed environment without shrinkage. in particular, the material has good isolation of bimetallic corrosion and excellent erosion resistance, which fundamentally eliminates the corrosion leakage of the repaired part, it can provide a long-term protective coating for components.

before designing and manufacturing lng vaporizer, various corrosion and effects after long-term use of the vaporizer must be considered, so as to take preventive measures in advance.

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