48,failure analysis of lng gasifier -凯时登录

 48,failure analysis of lng gasifier -凯时登录

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48,failure analysis of lng gasifier - doer equipment

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fault analysis of lng gasifier

various faults will inevitably occur in the use of lng gasifier. when these faults occur, how can we analyze and solve them?

1. stress analysis of lng gasifier

during the working process of lng gasifier, heat absorption reduces the ambient temperature outside the first few rows of heat transfer tubes. after running for a period of time, the water attached to the outer surface of heat transfer tubes gradually freezes, which reduces the heat exchange efficiency of lng gasifier and affects the gasification effect. therefore, the lng gasifier needs to be switched regularly during operation.

2. causes of weld crack of lng gasifier

the top of the lng gasifier is a semicircular elbow without transition straight pipe section, with short size and large curvature. under the action of temperature change stress, the elbow has insufficient compensation ability for deformation caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction. the joint between the elbow and the fin straight pipe of the lng gasifier is a butt weld, and the weld position is a thinner and weaker link.

only by understanding the fault of lng gasifier and finding effective solutions will it not affect the normal use of lng gasifier. for more information about lng gasifier, please consult  doer equipment, service hotline: 0512-81666096

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