50,analysis of lng connecting elements -凯时登录

 50,analysis of lng connecting elements -凯时登录

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50,analysis of lng connecting elements - doer equipment

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analysis of lng connecting elements

the gasifier connectors and legs are made of ld31 aluminum alloy with high strength (american brand 6063), which ensures the strength of equipment transportation and hoisting to the greatest extent. the "bridge" connector with optimized design has the following advantages:

a. during operation, the whole equipment can effectively and freely compensate and eliminate all aspects of stress, so as not to affect the service life of weld;

b. the distance between heat exchange tubes is greatly increased, and the influence of mutual cooling capacity of heat exchange tubes is greatly reduced during operation;

c. speed up the defrosting time to prevent the expansion after frosting and icing from damaging the heat exchange pipe or affecting the gasification efficiency.

after reasonable calculation, the use of a certain height of outrigger is helpful to the gasification effect of lng vaporizer and achieve the predetermined gasification capacity.

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