62,do you know the application of laughing gas in medicine?-凯时登录

 62,do you know the application of laughing gas in medicine?-凯时登录

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62,do you know the application of laughing gas in medicine?

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do you know the application of laughing gas in medicine?

what is the role of laughing gas in medicine? there are three points:

1. application in medicine

due to the poor effect of general anesthesia, it is often combined with halothane, methoxyhalothane, ether or intravenous general anesthesia. it is now used less. nitrous oxide (n2o) is used for anesthesia, which has no irritation to the respiratory tract and no damage to the functions of important organs such as heart, lung, liver and kidney. without any biotransformation or degradation in the body, most of them are still discharged out of the body with exhalation, and only a small amount is evaporated from the skin without accumulation. it only takes 30s ~ 40s for inhalation to produce analgesic effect. the analgesic effect is strong but the anesthetic effect is weak. the subject is in a awake state (rather than an anesthetic state), which avoids the complications of general anesthesia and recovers quickly after operation.

2. racing car

the modified vehicle using nitrogen oxygen acceleration system sends nitrous oxide into the engine and decomposes into nitrogen and oxygen in case of heat, so as to improve the combustion rate and speed of the engine. oxygen has the function of supporting combustion and accelerating fuel combustion.

3. rocket

nitrous oxide can be used as rocket oxidant. this is superior to other oxidants because it is non-toxic, stable at room temperature, easy to store and relatively safe to fly. the second advantage is that it can be easily broken down into breathing air.

storage of laughing gas

store in a cool and ventilated warehouse. keep away from fire and heat source. the storage temperature should not exceed 30 ℃. it shall be stored separately from inflammables and reducing agents, and mixed storage shall not be allowed. prevent gas leakage into the air of the workplace. avoid contact with reducing agents. the storage area shall be equipped with leakage emergency treatment equipment. according to the boiling point temperature of laughing gas - 88.49 ℃, laughing gas stored at low temperature shall be stored in low-temperature vacuum storage tank to ensure that a large amount of laughing gas can be stored and it is not easy to release. duer company has supplied several nitrous oxide gas storage tanks to well-known gas companies in chongqing, dalian, anhui and jiangxi. the volume and pressure can be customized according to customer needs. due to the use characteristics of nitrous oxide, the general nitrous oxide storage tank needs internal polishing to ensure the purity of nitrous oxide.

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