63,construction technology and safety measures of sub tank and mother tank in rainy season -凯时登录

 63,construction technology and safety measures of sub tank and mother tank in rainy season -凯时登录

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63,construction technology and safety measures of sub tank and mother tank in rainy season - doer equipment

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construction technology and safety measures for mother tank in rainy season

what safety measures should be taken in advance before the construction of parent tank in rainy season?

★ before construction in rainy season, carefully organize relevant personnel to analyze the construction and production plan in rainy season, prepare construction measures in winter and rainy season according to the construction projects in rainy season, and prepare the required materials before construction in rainy season.

★ formulate rainproof plan for equipment and materials.

★ the project shall have full-time personnel on duty at night to ensure that people are on duty day and night and make duty records. at the same time, a weather forecaster shall be set to listen to and release the weather conditions.

★ the construction personnel shall be trained in rainy season, and relevant personnel shall be organized to conduct a comprehensive inspection to check the preparation of the construction site, including construction materials, temporary facilities, temporary mechanical equipment, external frame protection, etc.

8.2 construction measures in rainy season

★ check the drainage facilities at the construction site and the production and living base, dredge various drainage channels, and clean the rainwater outfall to ensure smooth drainage in rainy days.

★ drainage ditches shall be set on both sides of the site road to ensure no sliding, sinking and ponding. clear the obstacles on the site to ensure that the roads on the site are unblocked. do not stack articles within a certain range on both sides of the road, and the height should not exceed 1.5m to ensure a wide field of vision and smooth road.

★ when erecting the scaffold, the foot of the vertical pole of the scaffold must be provided with skids or concrete cushion blocks, and a sweeping rod must be added. at the same time, good drainage shall be ensured to avoid ponding. all packways and inclined ladders shall be nailed with anti-skid strips.

★ the sheds, warehouses, canteens, mixing plants, temporary houses, equipment and material storage yards, pipeline prefabrication yards, etc. at the construction site and production base shall be comprehensively inspected and renovated before construction in the rainy season to ensure that the roads do not collapse, the rooms do not leak rain and there is no ponding in the site.

★ before the rainy season, the lightning protection device of scaffold shall be well prepared, and the safety inspection department shall conduct a comprehensive inspection on the lightning protection device before construction in the rainy season to ensure lightning protection.

★ materials, equipment and other supplies required in rainy season, such as water pump, pumping hose, straw bag, plastic cloth and tarpaulin, shall be prepared by the material department in advance, and the water pump and other equipment shall be overhauled in advance.

★ before the rainy season, the on-site distribution box, gate box, temporary cable support, etc. shall be carefully inspected. those that need to be reinforced shall be reinforced in time, and those lacking covers, covers and doors shall be supplemented in time to ensure power safety.

★ the equipment and materials that can enter the warehouse shall be stored in the warehouse as far as possible. for materials and equipment that cannot enter the warehouse, the stacking site shall be provided with ring roads and drainage ditches. the storage materials shall be padded more than 300mm, and those with waterproof and moisture-proof requirements shall be covered tightly with tarpaulin.

★ the installed process equipment, electrical and instrument equipment shall be tightly covered with plastic cloth to prevent rain and moisture.

do you understand the above safety measures?

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