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 65,psa nitrogen generator -凯时登录

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65,psa nitrogen generator - doer equipment

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psa nitrogen generator

professional technicians provide guidance and regular return visits, so as to ensure the stable, reliable and long-term operation of the equipment.

application fields of psa nitrogen generator:

1、 smt industry application

nitrogen filled reflow soldering and wave soldering. nitrogen can effectively inhibit the oxidation of solder, improve the welding wettability, accelerate the wetting speed, reduce the generation of solder balls, avoid bridging, reduce welding defects and obtain better welding quality. the purity of nitrogen used is greater than 99.99 or 99.9%.

2、 application of semiconductor silicon industry

atmosphere protection, cleaning, chemical recovery, etc. in semiconductor and integrated circuit manufacturing processes.

3、 application of semiconductor packaging industry

package, sintering, annealing, reduction and storage with nitrogen. weitong psa nitrogen generator has helped major manufacturers in the industry win the first opportunity in the competition and realized effective value promotion.

4、 application of electronic components industry

selective welding, purging and encapsulation with nitrogen. scientific nitrogen inert protection has been proved to be an essential and important link in the successful production of high-quality electronic components.

5、 application in chemical industry and new material industry

nitrogen is used to create oxygen free atmosphere in chemical process, improve the safety of production process, fluid transmission power source, etc. petroleum: it can be used for nitrogen purging of pipelines and vessels in the system, nitrogen filling, replacement and leak detection of storage tanks, combustible gas protection, diesel hydrogenation and catalytic reforming.

6、 powder metallurgy, metal processing industry, heat treatment industry, application

annealing and carbonization of steel, iron, copper and aluminum products, high-temperature furnace protection, low-temperature assembly and plasma cutting of metal parts, etc.

7、 application in food and pharmaceutical industry

it is mainly used in food packaging, food preservation, food storage, food drying and sterilization, medical packaging, medical ventilation, medical transportation atmosphere, etc.

in addition to the above industries, nitrogen generators are also widely used in coal mines, injection molding, brazing, tire nitrogen filled rubber, rubber vulcanization and many other fields. with the progress of science and technology and the development of society, the application field of nitrogen devices is becoming more and more extensive. field gas (nitrogen generator) has gradually replaced the traditional nitrogen supply methods such as liquid nitrogen evaporation and bottled nitrogen because of its advantages of low investment, low cost and convenient use.

process flow diagram of psa nitrogen generator:

process flow principle:

the principle of psa is that under the condition of adsorption equilibrium, when any adsorbent adsorbs the same gas, the higher the gas pressure, the greater the adsorption capacity; on the contrary, the lower the pressure, the smaller the adsorption capacity. the core part of psa nitrogen production equipment is carbon molecular sieve. when the air pressure increases, carbon molecular sieve will adsorb a large amount of oxygen, carbon dioxide and water. when the pressure drops to atmospheric pressure, the adsorption capacity of carbon molecular sieve to oxygen, carbon dioxide and water is very small.

technical indexes of nitrogen production unit:

flow 1-4500nm3 / h,

purity 95% - 99.9999%,

pressure ≤ 1.0mpa,

dew point ≤ - 40 ℃

nitrogen purification unit:

the nitrogen purification unit is used to purify nitrogen under various pressures. common nitrogen with purity greater than 98% is used as feed gas, palladium catalyst or carbon deoxidizer is used to remove oxygen, and water is removed after drying. treatment gas volume: 1nm ³/ h--3000nm ³/ h。 the outlet pressure is 0.05mpa -- 0.7mpa, which can be designed according to customer requirements.


1. low cost: using catalyst for deaeration and drying is a simple process method with low energy consumption and compact structure. its cost is lower than that of other methods to obtain high-purity nitrogen.

2. reliable performance: due to continuous deaeration, palladium catalyst does not need regeneration and its service life can reach more than five years. micro thermal regeneration (automatic) has lower energy consumption and automatic operation, which can achieve the purpose of continuous gas production.

3. high nitrogen purity: trace oxygen and water are detected by the instrument to ensure the required nitrogen purity.

4. high quality imported pneumatic valve is selected and controlled by plc to ensure stable and reliable operation of the device.

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