66,about vacuum powder storage tank -凯时登录

 66,about vacuum powder storage tank -凯时登录

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66,about vacuum powder storage tank - doer equipment

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about vacuum powder storage tank

cryogenic liquid storage tanks are designed and manufactured in strict accordance with national standards such as gb150 and gb18442. they are widely used in the storage and use of cryogenic liquids such as liquid natural gas, liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, liquid carbon dioxide and liquid ethylene. they have various working pressures and specifications. the volume of mini tank (kuaijie) is 1m3 ~ 7.5m3, the working pressure is 1.6mpa ~ 3.6mpa, the volume of standard tank is 5m3 ~ 150m3, and the working pressure is 0.8mpa ~ 1.6mpa.

suzhou doer adopts unique high vacuum insulation technology, with excellent insulation performance, lasting vacuum holding time and extremely low cost. the modular pipeline system and high configuration components improve the service performance and durability of the equipment, and reduce the maintenance cost, so as to greatly enhance your competitive advantage.

suzhou doer can also design and manufacture cryogenic liquid storage tanks with a capacity of 200m3 and above according to customer needs, and can provide supporting equipment for gas applications such as gasifier, pressure regulating and metering skid, gas buffer tank, combined pressure regulating device (pcm), plc station control system (unattended), etc. of various specifications, which can provide customers with one-stop epc services.

the company's products include: lng, ln2, lo2, lar, lco2, lpg air temperature gasifier (50-10000nm3 / h), water bath gasifier (100-40000nm3 / h); lng gasification station; lng / cng skid mounted equipment; pressure regulating metering odorization skid (100-80000nm3 / h); large atmospheric storage tank (lng, ln2, lo2, lar, 200-5000m3); psa nitrogen production equipment (5-3000nm3 / h), service hotline: 0512-81666096

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