67,pressure regulating metering odorization skid -凯时登录

 67,pressure regulating metering odorization skid -凯时登录

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67,pressure regulating metering odorization skid - doer equipment

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pressure regulating metering odorizing skid

the gasification pressure regulating and odorizing skid is composed of air temperature gasifier, pressure regulating control part and odorizing metering part. the air temperature gasifier gasifies the liquid lng into gas state, adjusts the pressure to about 0.4mpa through the pressure regulating group, and outputs it to the urban gas pipe network or industrial gas pipe network

safety performance

1. it is equipped with low-temperature liquid-phase safety valve, gas-phase safety valve and safety relief valve;

2. equipped with liquid phase low temperature emergency shut-off valve;

3. gas phase overpressure emergency shut-off valve is set;

4. electrostatic grounding is set, and all wiring of field instruments are summarized in the explosion-proof junction box;

5. it is equipped with natural gas electric water bath heating to ensure normal operation at very low temperature;

6. all pressure, temperature, liquid level, current and voltage signals are connected with the monitoring system to ensure the safety of the station area;

7. through the national explosion-proof test, the explosion-proof grade is exd ⅱ bt4 and exia ⅱ bt4.

product features

1. it integrates unloading pressurization of lng gas supply station, tank pressurization, gasification, pressure regulation, metering, odorization, electrical control and other functions;

2. compact structure and small floor area;

3. support remote monitoring and realize unattended;

4. atmospheric heating and gasification to reduce operation cost;

5. skid mounted integrated, easy installation and short construction cycle;

6. simple operation and maintenance;

7. the equipment has strong mobility and can be reused for many times.

skid mounted gas supply terminal is a natural gas supply system developed for the monthly gas demand of urban independent residential areas, small and medium-sized industrial users and large and medium-sized public construction users. all functional elements except lng storage tanks are integrated on the skid. the whole system covers a small area, short manufacturing cycle and convenient and fast on-site installation; the design, manufacturing, testing, commissioning and after-sales service of the whole system are completed by professional manufacturers, which is reliable and convenient. at present, the field installation workload is small, only the import and export pipeline connection and external electrical connection, convenient operation and maintenance, safe and reliable use, and remote control can be realized without on-site duty.

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