69,tank concept and application -凯时登录

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69,tank concept and application - doer equipment

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69,tank concept and application -凯时登录

concept and application of storage tank

concept and application of storage tank: storage equipment for storing cryogenic liquid, crude oil, gasoline, kerosene, naphtha and various non-volatile chemicals. it is an important part of storage and transportation system facilities, oil refining and chemical plants.

since the 1970s, internal floating roof oil storage tanks and large floating roof oil tanks have developed rapidly.

france was the first to develop the inner covering of oil tanks.

in 1955, the united states also began to build this type of storage tank.

texaco began to use covered floating roof tanks in 1962 and built the world's largest covered floating roof tank with a diameter of 187ft (61.6m) in newark.

in 1972, more than 600 inner floating roof tanks have been built in the united states.

in 1978, appendix h of api 650 of the united states made a series of revisions and improvements on the classification, material selection, design, installation, inspection, standard load and buoyancy requirements of the inner floating plate. advanced countries have relatively complete special software for tank design, such as static analysis, dynamic analysis, seismic analysis, etc., such as wave band analysis of t-leg weld. in recent 20 years, various forms and structures of inner floating plates or covers have also appeared one after another.

in 1978, 3000m3 aluminum floating tray was put into use in china. through the test of evaporation loss, remarkable results were obtained.

in 1985, china imported the first 10x104m3 from japan, all in accordance with japanese standard jisb8501, and imported raw materials, parts and welding equipment.

china has mature experience in the design, construction and use of 10x04m3 oil tanks, and the high-strength rigid materials for domestic large storage tanks have been able to be mass produced. 15x104m3 is currently under construction in china.

at present, the first lng full bimetallic full capacity tank in china is manufactured by domestic technology.

bimetallic full capacity tank of suzhou doer gas -- 10000m3 lng bimetallic full capacity tank in yuncheng, shanxi province.

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