72,what is a nitrogen generator-凯时登录

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72,what is a nitrogen generator- doer equipment

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72,what is a nitrogen generator-凯时登录

what is a nitrogen generator?

pressure swing adsorption of carbon molecular sieve is abbreviated as psa nitrogen production unit. it is a new high-tech equipment for air separation. it uses compressed air as raw material and carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent to produce nitrogen by pressure swing adsorption process.

under normal temperature and pressure, taking advantage of the difference in the adsorption capacity of oxygen and nitrogen in the air on the surface of carbon molecular sieve and the different diffusion rate of oxygen and nitrogen in carbon molecular sieve, the opening and closing of pneumatic valve is controlled by programmable controller to realize the process of pressurized adsorption and decompression desorption, complete the separation of oxygen and nitrogen, and obtain the required purity nitrogen. the purity and gas production of nitrogen can be adjusted according to customer requirements. the dfd series common nitrogen production unit produced by the company has nitrogen purity of 95% - 99.999% and gas production of 1nm3 / h-3000nm3 / h. if the customer requires high-purity nitrogen, the hydrogenation or carbon deoxidation series nitrogen purification unit produced by our company can be matched behind the dfd nitrogen production unit. the purity can reach 99.9999%, the dew point can reach - 70 ° c and the oxygen content is 1ppm.

characteristics of psa nitrogen generator:

1. low cost: psa advanced process is a simple nitrogen production method. nitrogen is produced a few minutes after startup, with low energy consumption. the cost of nitrogen is far lower than that of cryogenic air separation nitrogen production and liquid nitrogen on the market.

2. reliable performance: it is controlled by imported microcomputer and operated automatically. there is no need for specially trained operators. it can operate automatically by pressing the start switch to achieve continuous gas supply.

3. stable nitrogen purity: it is completely monitored and displayed by the instrument to ensure the required nitrogen purity.

4. high quality imported molecular sieve is selected: it has the characteristics of large adsorption capacity, strong compressive performance and long service life.

5. high quality control valve: high quality imported special pneumatic valve can ensure the reliable operation of nitrogen production equipment.

6. strong technical force and excellent after-sales service: only pipelines and power supply are required for on-site installation, and professional technicians provide guidance and regular return visits, so as to ensure the stable, reliable and long-term operation of the equipment.

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