80,about lng vacuum powder storage tank -凯时登录

 80,about lng vacuum powder storage tank -凯时登录

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80,about lng vacuum powder storage tank -doer equipment

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about lng vacuum powder storage tank

the working pressure of vacuum powder storage tank is generally between 0.2-3.0mpa. the insulation structure of sandwich filling pearlite and vacuum pumping is adopted, and the thickness of cold insulation layer is 250mm.

vacuum powder storage tanks are manufactured at one time in the manufacturer's factory and then transported to the customer's site. doer to the limitation of transportation size, the single volume of such storage tanks is mostly 2-200m ³ 60m between ³、 150m ³ most common.

at present, the largest single vacuum powder storage tank in china is 250m ³, its diameter is 4.2m and height is 28m. it is designed, produced and manufactured by our company.

classification according to working pressure of storage tank:

1、 vacuum powder storage tank

2、 atmospheric flat bottom storage tank

1. single tank

2. double tank

3. full volume tank

(1) . concrete full capacity tank

(2) . bimetallic full capacity tank

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