81,treatment of tank steel plate (1) -凯时登录

 81,treatment of tank steel plate (1) -凯时登录

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81,treatment of tank steel plate (1) - doer equipment

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treatment of tank steel plate (1)

before welding, all carbon steel plates of the storage tank shall be beveled, shot blasted and derusted; stainless steel plates shall be beveled and cleaned before welding; j507 shall be used for welding materials, which shall be dried in a drying oven on site, and then installed in an insulating barrel for welding.

1. welding procedure qualification

before construction, practical and feasible welding procedure qualification shall be selected according to the design documents and the actual situation on site;

according to the design documents and the actual situation on site, the welding process card shall be prepared for all kinds of welded joints, and the welding process shall be carried out in strict accordance with the parameters of the process card.

2. welder management

welders participating in on-site welding must be tested in accordance with the rules for assessment of special equipment welding operators tsg z6002-2010. welders who pass the examination can participate in welding work only after being confirmed by the supervision company, and must work with certificates.

3. welding material management

when the welding rod is unpacked / the welding wire is unpacked for zero delivery or unpacked for baking, the welding material keeper shall transfer its identification to the remaining welding materials and seal for confirmation.

establish an account for the storage, baking, distribution and recycling of welding materials and strictly control them.

the warehousing materials shall be provided with qualified quality certificates, and the welding materials required by the specification for re inspection shall be re inspected. the welding materials shall be stored and kept by category, under the responsibility of a specially assigned person, under unified management, with records made, and regularly inspected by the material engineer. the welding material warehouse shall be equipped with dehumidifier and temperature and humidity recorder to ensure that the temperature is between 5-35 ℃ and the humidity does not exceed 60%. welding rod and welding wire shall be stored on the shelf. the distance from the shelf to the ground and wall shall not be less than 300mm. desiccant shall be placed on the shelf.

welding rods and wires shall be stacked by category, brand, batch number, specification and warehousing time. each stack shall be clearly marked.

the welding rod shall be dried according to the parameters required in the welding rod manual before use.

distribution of welding materials: the welder shall receive the welding materials with the welding material distribution card issued by the constructor. the welding rod shall be received in the welding rod insulation barrel, and the storage time in the insulation barrel shall be controlled within 4 hours. welding material distribution personnel shall make distribution records.

re drying of welding rod: if the received welding rod is not used up within the specified time, it shall be returned to the welding material warehouse for re drying, but the re drying times shall not exceed 2 times. welding rods that have been used more than twice will no longer be used for the construction of pressure pipelines. the re dried electrodes shall be marked and recorded, and shall be given priority next time.

the rust and oil stain on the surface of welding wire shall be cleaned before use.

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