82,about tank steel plate treatment (2) -凯时登录

 82,about tank steel plate treatment (2) -凯时登录

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82,about tank steel plate treatment (2) - doer equipment

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about tank steel plate treatment (2)

as for the treatment of steel plates, the carbon steel plates of all storage tanks are before welding. the following can be used for reference:

1、 welding material management

1. welding equipment, instruments and parameter adjustment devices shall be regularly verified and calibrated to meet the requirements of welding process. rubber flexible wires shall be used for welding cables, and no more than 2 joints shall be used to fully ensure the welding current.

2. each electric welding machine is grounded separately and protected by one machine and one switch.

3. the ground wire shall be directly connected to the weldment and shall not be connected to the steel structure or equipment to prevent the pipeline or equipment from being damaged by the arc.

2、 welding process requirements

1. the assembly quality shall be checked before welding, and the groove form and size shall meet the welding process requirements

2. the paint scale, rust and burr on the groove surface and at least 20mm on both sides shall be cleaned.

3. the arc starting end of electrode arc welding shall adopt the backward arc starting method. during arc ending, the arc pit shall be filled and the arc pit defects shall be removed by grinding wheel.

4. the interlayer joints of multi-layer welding shall be staggered by 30mm ~ 50mm.

5. there shall be no arc scratch on the surface of weldment. during welding, arc striking and arc extinguishing are not allowed on the surface of weldment.

6. the butt joint of double-sided welding shall be back gouged before back welding. mechanical grinding method should be adopted for root cleaning of low-temperature steel welds.

7. the qualified welding process shall be adopted for the welding of positioning welder and fixture, and the qualified welder shall be responsible for it.

8. the joint form between nozzle reinforcing ring and tank wall and tank top shall be full penetration joint.

9. fillet welds of low-temperature steel members shall be welded for at least two layers.

10. the bottom weld bead of the welded joint of the connecting pipe and pipeline should be welded by tungsten argon arc welding.

11. during the welding process of low-temperature steel, the welding line energy shall be strictly controlled, and it is required to select a smaller welding line energy within the scope specified in the construction technical documents.

12. during electrode arc welding, the weld bead length of each electrode can be determined according to the allowable linear energy range to control the linear energy.

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