84,do you know how to fill the tank-凯时登录

 84,do you know how to fill the tank-凯时登录

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84,do you know how to fill the tank- doer equipment

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do you know how to fill the tank?

the storage tank is equipped with a combined safety device (safety valve) to prevent overpressure operation of the equipment. each storage tank is also equipped with auxiliary explosion-proof disc device to further prevent equipment overpressure. this explosion-proof disc will completely burst when the safety valve fails and the pressure exceeds the pressure borne by the explosion-proof disc, so that the pressure of the inner tank can be released.

the following recommendations are the best choice for filling the tank.

① . shorten the delivery pipeline as much as possible. long non insulated transmission lines will lead to filling loss and increase filling time.

② the liquid will remain in the pipeline between the two valves. when the two valves are closed, the vaporization of the low-temperature liquid between the two valves will cause overpressure in the pipe section. therefore, a safety device (safety valve) must be equipped for the pipeline.

③ . shorten the filling operation time as much as possible.

before each filling, the storage tank shall be visually inspected to see whether there is damage, whether it is clean and whether it meets the conditions of liquid operation. if damage (such as serious depression, loose joint, etc.) is found, it shall be repaired as soon as possible.

all tanks sold are filled with low purity nitrogen to prevent water from entering the tank. therefore, the storage tank shall be thoroughly purged with suitable gas before filling.

when filling the storage tank with cryogenic liquid, it can be transported by cryogenic pump or through pressure difference.

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