85,introduction to main vessel of full capacity tank equipment -凯时登录

 85,introduction to main vessel of full capacity tank equipment -凯时登录

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85,introduction to main vessel of full capacity tank equipment - doer equipment

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introduction to main vessel of full capacity tank equipment

the main container of the full capacity tank is a self-supporting, steel, open top single wall tank that does not store product evaporation gas. the whole main container is located on the bottom insulation layer, and the width of the interlayer space between the main container and the wall of the secondary container is 1000mm. the interlayer space is filled with dense pearlite sand to maintain the good thermal insulation performance of the storage tank;

a layer of 200 mm thick cylinder elastic cotton is hung on the wall plate of the main container to absorb the lateral extrusion force of pearlescent sand on the side wall of the main container during the initial precooling and equipment rewarming (storage tank safety maintenance, etc.);

the cylinder of the main container adopts unequal thickness design and is provided with multiple rings of stiffeners. the top stiffener adopts t-shaped structure to realize pearlescent sand sealing with the suspended top position;

the bottom plate of the main vessel adopts the combined pressure bearing structure of annular edge plate and middle plate. the edge plate adopts butt welding and the middle plate adopts lap welding.

a suspended roof is set on the top of the main container. the suspended top plate is reliably connected with the radial beam at the top of the secondary container through multiple stainless steel flat steels to maintain good load-bearing performance. glass fiber cotton is laid on the suspended top plate to maintain good thermal insulation performance within the top space of the main container; four sets of ceiling vent holes are set on the ceiling to balance the gas phase pressure inside the main container and the space above the ceiling.

the main container ceiling is made of 5083 aluminum alloy, including ceiling, suspender, ceiling reinforcing ring, stiffener, etc

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