88,quality process control and inspection method of storage tank equipment -凯时登录

 88,quality process control and inspection method of storage tank equipment -凯时登录

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88,quality process control and inspection method of storage tank equipment - doer equipment

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quality process control and inspection methods of storage tank equipment

our company continuously accumulates experience from the previous construction of storage tanks and various equipment projects, absorbs the advanced quality assurance process control achievements at home and abroad, selects experienced managers and technicians, establishes a professional training mechanism, and takes up the construction operation after training the main project personnel and technical workers; the project management organization is composed of high-quality professionals, establishes the people-oriented management principle in management, defines the scope of division of labor, responsibilities and authorities, and establishes an efficient, united and cooperative project organization, so as to ensure the quality of the project.

the products provided by our company meet the provisions of corresponding standards. the whole set of equipment will undergo strict inspection and test (low-temperature joint commissioning) before leaving the factory, and the quality certificate will be provided at the time of delivery. material inspection report and low temperature inspection report shall be issued for accessories on the main body of the equipment.

factory acceptance inspection points of main equipment

before delivery, our company will conduct accurate and comprehensive inspection on the quality, specification, performance and quantity of the bid winning equipment, and require the supplier to issue a qualified inspection report. party a can send representative personnel to coordinate and supervise the construction process on site to ensure the preciseness and standardization of the whole construction process. after the completion of project commissioning, relevant representatives of party a shall be invited to the site to watch the trial operation of the project, and check and accept the project results.

1) inspection point for ex factory acceptance of storage tank

(a) factory data

product quality certificate of the equipment (provided with the equipment).

including: material certificate of main pressure components, bill of materials, structural dimension inspection report, inspection plan, product certificate, pressure vessel product data sheet, welding records, ndt report, pressure test report, special equipment manufacturing supervision and inspection certificate, copy of product nameplate.

as built drawings (provided with equipment).

strength calculation sheet (provided with equipment).

installation and maintenance instructions (provided with the equipment).

equipment flow chart (provided with the equipment).

(b) product nameplate

the nameplate of the storage tank shall be fixed at an obvious position, and the nameplate of the low-temperature vessel cannot be directly riveted on the shell.

the nameplate shall at least include the following contents, and shall be checked one by one according to the technical annexes of the contract.

product name;

name of manufacturer;

manufacturer's license number / level;

product standards;

main material;

media name;

design temperature;

design pressure or maximum allowable working pressure (if necessary);

withstand test pressure;

product number;

equipment code;

date of manufacture;

pressure vessel category.

(c) entities and accessories

dimension: check the installation dimension, nozzle size and nozzle position of the storage tank according to the technical annex of the contract.

valve: check the manufacturer, quantity and model of the valve according to the technical annex of the contract.

maintain positive pressure: after the storage tank arrives at the site, check the pressure gauge to see whether there is positive pressure in the storage tank. there is a cover at the pipe orifice to prevent dust and sundries from entering.

vacuum degree: if possible, professional personnel can be invited to test whether the interlayer vacuum degree meets the indicators required by the contract.

coating and transportation packaging: the surface shall be flat without deformation; spray evenly without oil stain and paint falling off.

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