94,about carburetor production process -凯时登录

 94,about carburetor production process -凯时登录

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94,about carburetor production process - doer equipment

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about the production process of carburetor

material selection of high-efficiency heat exchange finned tube produced by carburetor: the main material is high-quality low-temperature resistant and antirust aluminum with brand lf21 (3a21). this brand of aluminum has high popularity, good material heat transfer coefficient, low operating noise, no pollution, high energy saving and service life of 20 years!

we digest and absorb the advanced design concepts and technologies of european and american developed countries, and adopt a large spacing and high-efficiency gasification heat exchange tube with 200 mm diameter and internal fins, which effectively changes the flow form of medium in the tube and has excellent heat exchange effect. optimized process design of front smooth 8 fin rear corrugated 12 outer fin. the overall strength of the equipment is better under low temperature, the heat exchange arrangement process is more reasonable, the heat exchange efficiency is greatly improved, and the outlet temperature meets or exceeds the rated requirements.

smooth and efficient 8 fins with inner fins for subcooling section and corrugated efficient 12 fins with inner fins for heating section

the liquid phase adopts 8 pieces of lf21 (i.e. 3a21) with excellent corrosion resistance ф 200mm diameter star finned tube with large spacing, and the liquid finned tube is equipped with american patented aluminum spiral. this turbulence technology (artificial forced turbulence) is different from the simple medium dc mode of several other gasifier manufacturers in china, so that the liquid entering the gasifier flows in the finned tube in the form of turbulence, in this way, the liquid can carry out mandatory and more sufficient heat exchange at the initial lowest temperature stage, which greatly improves the gasification effect of the whole gasifier. at the same time, doer  to the large distance between the fins, the ventilation is strengthened, so it is easier to defrost, and it is not easy to freeze and form blocks between the fins. the frequent defrosting of ordinary gasifiers is greatly alleviated here.

for the mixed phase and gas phase, a 12 piece star finned tube with inner hole and inner tooth diameter and large spacing made of 3a21 is adopted. the 12 fin tube with inner tooth greatly increases the heat exchange area, makes the preliminarily gasified low-temperature liquid more fully heat exchange and gasify, and makes it easier for the gas to quickly heat up and approach the ambient temperature.

in terms of gasification capacity, the gasification efficiency of the gasifier is 25% - 35% higher than that of the gasifier without this technology by integrating the liquid phase pipe technology with 8 internal teeth and the gas phase pipe technology with 12 internal teeth. the gasifier adopting this technology has been fully verified in the natural gas pipeline network project, which ensures that the equipment can be used continuously for 8 hours under full load. at this time, the outlet temperature is still not lower than 10 ℃ of the environment. even if the outlet temperature is - 10 ℃ under the condition of 0 ℃, the equipment can still work normally, and nearly 10% of the balance of heat exchange area is still reserved for heat supplement. all aluminum materials have been subject to anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion treatment before leaving the factory

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