95,urban natural gas peak shaving mode and its working principle -凯时登录

 95,urban natural gas peak shaving mode and its working principle -凯时登录

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95,urban natural gas peak shaving mode and its working principle - doer equipment

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doer uses carburetor equipment material

material of carburetor equipment: we use lf21 (3a21) aluminum alloy material (american brand 3003), which is special and recognized in the world's low temperature industry, as the material of heat exchange pipe and pressure pipe, with excellent low temperature performance and heat transfer performance. various corresponding materials can be selected according to various use modes and requirements of users, and the materials adopted comply with relevant national and industrial standards.

connecting element

connectors: the connectors and legs of our gasifier are made of ld31 aluminum alloy (american brand 6063) with high strength to ensure the strength of equipment transportation and hoisting to the greatest extent. the "bridge" connector with optimized design has the following advantages:

a. during operation, the whole equipment can effectively and freely compensate and eliminate all aspects of stress, so as not to affect the service life of weld;

b. the distance between heat exchange tubes is greatly increased, and the influence of mutual cooling capacity of heat exchange tubes is greatly reduced during operation;

c. speed up the defrosting time to prevent the expansion after frosting and icing from damaging the heat exchange pipe or affecting the gasification efficiency.


according to the low temperature characteristics of lng, the liquid phase and gas phase flanges of gasifier are butt welded with excellent low temperature performance and construction, which can effectively prevent deformation or stress concentration of flange during installation and welding, uneven stress of gasket and air leakage. austenitic stainless steel with anti-corrosion performance: 304.

the connection between flange and collecting pipe adopts double-sided welding technology to eliminate potential safety hazards!


different from the traditional teflon plate gasket, the advanced stainless steel wrapped teflon gasket has the advantages that it can withstand frequent cold and hot alternating conditions for a long time without leakage, and its service life is 10 years without leakage; the traditional ptfe plate gasket may crack after many cold and heat exchange conditions, which will bring unnecessary trouble to customers.

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