96,on the shape and overall design of gasifier -凯时登录

 96,on the shape and overall design of gasifier -凯时登录

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96,on the shape and overall design of gasifier - doer equipment

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on the shape and overall design of gasifier

the gasifier designed by us adopts vertical straight legs. the whole equipment can be made of 6063 groove aluminum or 304 stainless steel without frame or with high strength. the frame is fixed with 304 special check nut, which is beautiful and never rusted to ensure the transportation strength. it does not need to be disassembled during on-site use, which is convenient for secondary handling and loading and unloading in the future without damaging the equipment. the equipment can be loaded and unloaded by forklift or crane without damage. special loading and unloading parts and special lifting lugs are designed.

process and pressure drop design

our products have been optimized gasification process and low pressure drop design to maximize their gasification efficiency. the pressure drop value is generally less than 10kpa, which can also meet the special low pressure drop requirements of users. the equipment shall be free from bias current, air resistance, etc. all products have been calculated and optimized for anti bias flow, heat exchange area, pressure drop, flow rate and strength, making them more reliable and safe to use.

surface treatment

on the basis of slightly increasing the cost, we have carried out special anti-corrosion surface treatment of aluminum materials, and the treated equipment is still as white as new after long-term use. the advanced surface anti-corrosion treatment greatly improves the service life of the product and is suitable for use in the seaside and corrosive harsh environment.

oxygen cleaning

we use special cleaning solvent and mechanical equipment to clean all raw materials and parts, and use advanced digital display special oil analysis instrument for analysis. the oil content is much lower than 125mg / m2 specified by the state and industry. when leaving the factory, it is generally controlled at ≤ 60mg / m2, which fully meets the requirements of jb / t6896-2007. effective sealing shall be adopted when the product leaves the factory to ensure the cleanliness of the lumen.

the digital display special oil analysis instrument gasifier is effectively sealed when leaving the factory

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