97,introduction to gasifier welding -凯时登录

 97,introduction to gasifier welding -凯时登录

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97,introduction to gasifier welding - doer equipment

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introduction to welding of gasifier

the gasifiers of suzhou doer gas company are certified by the welding training center and welding engineers with 5-8 years of welding experience in similar products. all welds are welded by argon arc welding machine. the weldments are processed by groove and oxide film removal. 304 lining process ring with low temperature resistance is adopted at the welds. there is no weld bead during welding to ensure smooth flow in the heat exchange tube cavity.

all aluminum welding joints are welded with smick aluminum welding wire with stable quality. the weld formation is uniform and beautiful, just like automatic welding. there are no pores, slag inclusion and internal weld beading, which absolutely ensures the weld quality and liquid flow.

304 welding lining ring is adopted, and high-quality aluminum welding wire of british brand is adopted

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