98,about components of gasifier equipment -凯时登录

 98,about components of gasifier equipment -凯时登录

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98,about components of gasifier equipment - doer equipment

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about components of gasifier equipment

strict inspection of components of gasifier equipment

suzhou doer  gas co., ltd. has various perfect inspection methods. all products are signed and confirmed by the operating staff in strict accordance with the product manufacturing process flow card, and the quality is transferred to one process. it has special production inspection equipment / facilities and professional talents for the gasifier. each equipment must undergo three strict inspections before leaving the factory, namely: self inspection by the actual operating staff the next process shall be rechecked and the inspector shall conduct general inspection before leaving the factory to ensure the quality of each factory product.

equipment components

the connecting elbow parts of our gasifier are manufactured and formed by mechanical hydraulic pressure to ensure that the out of roundness is within the standard range. special 304 low-temperature flange, pipe cap, special metal wound sealing gasket and fasteners are used. when leaving the factory, relevant external components are fixed on the equipment body with special accessory boxes.

special accessories box is used for standard aluminum elbow and aluminum frame low temperature metal pad special aluminum pipe cap

product specialization

we have advanced specialized production workshop and high standard welding facilities, such as clean and flat "dust-free" special manufacturing floor; high quality panasonic argon arc welding machine; air pressure bubbling test cell; advanced oil analysis and testing instruments and other special tooling equipment; we can design and manufacture gasifiers for various low-temperature media according to various requirements of customers.

panasonic argon arc welder    high purity liquid nitrogen bottle high purity liquid argon

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