100,about tube side design of gasifier -凯时登录

 100,about tube side design of gasifier -凯时登录

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100,about tube side design of gasifier - doer equipment

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design of gasifier tube side

1) the liquid inlet mode is effectively distributed. according to the phenomenon that the internal ventilation of the integral gasifier is weaker than the external ventilation, through the adjustment of different screw pitches of the spiral fins in the first row of fin tubes into the liquid, the more outer fins distribute a little more liquid than the inner fins, so as to make the gasification efficiency of each fin more balanced, so as to improve the overall gasification performance of the gasifier, it is more conducive to continuous gasification for a long time.

2) the liquid inlet of a single gasifier adopts the multi pipe parallel mode of multi-channel inlet and multi-channel shunt, so as to make the liquid inlet more uniform; the rows of pipes are connected in series first and then in parallel, so that the low-temperature liquid can be gasified forcibly to achieve the effect of efficient use, and then in parallel can reduce the pressure drop. through this arrangement, the gasification capacity is increased, the pressure drop is reduced, and an optimal equilibrium point is reached.

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