101,about gasifier welding process -凯时登录

 101,about gasifier welding process -凯时登录

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101,about gasifier welding process - doer equipment

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welding process of gasifier

welding process of gasifier

1) all welding workers shall be trained and examined by the examination center designated by the boiler inspection institute, and work with certificates, so as to ensure the manufacturing welding process from the perspective of personnel and equipment.

2) the finned tube and elbow are welded by socket and socket, without welding misalignment, tumor accumulation in the tube and other adverse defects. the welding quality is quite stable and the safety is more guaranteed. the phenomenon of damage to the weld bead during transportation is completely avoided.

3) the connection between the fin guide pipe and the collecting pipe adopts the form of plug welding, which makes the positioning more accurate and the assembly and welding more guaranteed.

4) the plugs at both ends of the collecting pipe are also socket welded, with accurate positioning and no bad phenomena such as welding misalignment.

5) all welding areas shall be descaled with discs of more than 240 mesh, and the butt weld bead shall be v-shaped groove as required.

6) the legs and connecting pieces are fixed by clamps and welded. in addition, the gasifier is equipped with protective frames on all sides, so the overall structure is more firm and reliable in transportation, installation and use, and has higher working stability (note: the protective frame needs to be removed during use to prevent affecting cold and hot shrinkage).

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