102,inspection method of gasifier -凯时登录

 102,inspection method of gasifier -凯时登录

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102,inspection method of gasifier - doer equipment

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inspection method for gasifier

as for the inspection method of gasifier, material warehousing inspection:

◇ verify the material report, and sample each batch of aluminum through spectral analysis; check the wall thickness and fixed length.

◇ clean materials and check cleanliness; the tube cavity degreasing shall be cleaned and inspected according to jb / t6896-93 surface cleanliness of air separation equipment to ensure that the whole equipment is free of oil pollution.

◇ the pressure test shall be conducted as a whole to ensure that there is no mistake; the test medium is n2, clean and dry.

◇ purge the tube side with 99.99% nitrogen at a flow rate > 20m / s, and check whether the white target plate is completely purged to ensure that there are no particles; to prevent damage to the rear instrument valve in the future; the water analyzer shall check whether the purging of the equipment before leaving the factory meets the water content requirements to prevent the water in the pipe from forming solid small ice particles and damaging the rear instrument valve. after purging, the inlet and outlet of the gasifier shall be compressed with tetrafluoro blind gasket, leaving 0.01mpa nitrogen residual gas for sealing treatment to prevent secondary pollution of the pipe side.

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