109,preparation before tank construction (1) -凯时登录

 109,preparation before tank construction (1) -凯时登录

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109,preparation before tank construction (1) - doer equipment

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preparation before tank construction (1)

procedures to be completed before water filling of the tank: apply a liquid film to all welds on the tank bottom and the fully welded and fully fused fillet weld surface between the tank wall and the tank bottom, and place a vacuum box with a transparent cover on it. the vacuum value for test shall not be less than 53kpa.

if the fillet weld connecting the tank wall and tank bottom is not fully fused and fully penetrated, 0.105mpa air shall be pressed into the gap between the inner and outer welds, and some solution shall be applied to the inner and outer welds to detect whether the welds on both sides are leaking. in order to confirm that the compressed air can reach all parts of the weld, an isolation plug must be welded somewhere on the annular channel between the internal and external welds, and a small pipe joint connected with the annular channel between the welds, one air source and the other pressure gauge must be welded on both sides close to the plug. the lap weld of the tank bottom of the tank and the surface of the connecting weld between the tank wall and the tank bottom shall be subject to 100% vacuum leak test; before the vacuum chamber test, it shall be cleaned by sand blasting or other appropriate methods to prevent slag or inclusions from covering the leakage.

if the inner and outer sides of the inner tank are filled with equal air pressure according to the provisions of the water filling test, all welds above the water filling surface shall be coated with a liquid film and checked with a vacuum box.

when compressed air is not allowed to pass into the inner side of the reinforcing plate at the opening at the tank bottom for inspection, a solution film shall be applied to the circumferential fillet weld and inspected with a vacuum box.

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