121,20000m ³ calculation of maximum make-凯时登录

 121,20000m ³ calculation of maximum make-凯时登录

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121,20000m ³ calculation of maximum make-up gas volume of lng full capacity tank - doer equipment

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20000m ³ calculation of maximum make-up gas volume of lng full capacity tank

twenty thousand ³ determination of gas make-up volume of lng full capacity tank

the amount of gas generated under the following conditions shall be considered for supplement;

(1) lng pump outgoing

(2) bog fan suction

(3) atmospheric pressure rise

in normal operation of lng low-temperature and atmospheric pressure storage tank, these three situations causing negative pressure of storage tank may occur. under the three working conditions, the sum of air replenishment is the maximum air replenishment of storage tank.

1、 air replenishment caused by lng submerged pump

the flow of submersible pump is 450m ³/ h. the storage tank is equipped with two submerged pumps. doer to the start of the submerged pump, the required air make-up volume of the side storage tank is:

f1=2 × four hundred and fifty × 1.05=945m ³/ h


450 - flow of submersible pump, m ³/ h

1.05 - coefficient

2 - two submersible pumps

2、 air replenishment caused by bog compressor

the gas volume of bog compressor is assumed to be 2500nm at full load ³/ h. then the storage tank needs air replenishment doer  to the start of bog compressor

the quantity is:

f2=2500 × 1.05=2625m ³/ h


1600 - flow of bog compressor, m ³/ h

1.05 - coefficient

3、 air replenishment caused by atmospheric pressure rise

the air replenishment capacity with local atmospheric pressure of 97kpa is:

f3=13633/97 × 1.5=210.8m ³/ h


13633 - maximum volume of gas phase space, m ³

1.5 - ratio

97 - atmospheric pressure kpa

maximum air make-up volume of storage tank:

f=f1 f2 f3=945 2625 210.8=3780.8m ³/ h

conclusion: the air replenishment capacity of the storage tank is 3780.8m ³/ h. this value is used as the basis for the selection of suction valve and air replenishment device of storage tank

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