126,lng gasification station -凯时登录

 126,lng gasification station -凯时登录

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126,lng gasification station - doer equipment

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lng gasification station

the gasification station integrates all functions of unloading, storage, gasification, reheating, pressure regulation, metering and odorization, and adopts plc intelligent control. the process is simple, the structure is mostly skid, the on-site installation is convenient, the operation is simple and the operation is reliable. the "two-way gasification secondary reheating" can be used continuously for 24 hours under any environmental conditions. with the advantages of short construction period and rapid meeting the demand of gas market, lng gasification station has been gradually built in many economically developed and energy scarce small and medium-sized cities along the southeast coast of china, becoming a permanent gas supply facility or a transitional gas supply facility before the arrival of pipeline natural gas.

technological process:

lng is transported from the tank car to the gasification station, the pressure in the tank car is increased by using the lng unloading supercharger, and the lng in the tank car is sent to the lng low-temperature storage tank for storage. when discharging from the lng storage tank, first increase the pressure of the storage tank through the self pressurization system of the storage tank, then open the liquid phase outlet valve of the storage tank, send the lng in the storage tank to the gasifier through the pressure difference, and then send it to the municipal gas pipe network through pressure regulation, metering, odorization and other processes. when the ambient temperature of the gasifier in series is lower than 5 ℃, the temperature of the natural gas gasifier shall be heated at the outlet of the natural gas gasifier.

equipment requirements:

① the process characteristics of lng station are "low temperature storage and normal temperature use". the design temperature of the storage tank shall reach minus 196 ℃ (the boiling point of lng at room temperature shall be minus 162 ℃), and the temperature of the outgoing natural gas shall not be lower than the ambient temperature by 10 ℃.

② the thermal insulation performance of low-temperature storage tanks and low-temperature liquid pumps in the station is good, and the cold insulation performance of valves and pipe fittings is good.

③ the equipment, pipelines, instruments, valves and their accessories in the low-temperature area of the lng station have good operating performance under low-temperature conditions, and have good mechanical strength, tightness and corrosion resistance.

④ since the starting process of cryogenic liquid pump depends on the frequency converter to continuously increase the speed, so as to increase the power, increase the flow and provide high output pressure, the cryogenic liquid pump requires to increase the frequency and expand the power quickly, which can usually meet the requirements in a few seconds to more than ten seconds, and has good cold insulation performance.

⑤ the gasification equipment is required to be earthquake resistant, typhoon resistant, meet the design requirements and reach the maximum gasification flow under ordinary climatic conditions.

⑥ the manufacture and daily operation management of low-temperature storage tanks and filters have been incorporated into the national specifications for the manufacture, acceptance and supervision of pressure vessels; there are no relevant laws and regulations to regulate the gasifier and low-temperature hydrocarbon pump in china. in the manufacturing process, the relevant american industrial standards shall be implemented. the position of welding, transformation, maintenance or moving the pressure vessel on the pressure vessel body must be reported to the supervision unit of the pressure vessel.

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