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 128,air heated gasifier -凯时登录

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128,air heated gasifier - doer equipment

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air heated gasifier

the air heated gasifier uses the natural convection of air to heat the low-temperature liquid in the heat exchange tube and make it completely evaporate into gas; it is a high-efficiency and energy-saving heat exchange equipment with air temperature and heating vaporization functions, which can replace heating vaporization products.

wide adaptability - widely used in various industries, production lines and civil pipeline gas, which can be used in vast areas of china.

high gasification rate - the carburetor is composed of high-efficiency gasification device and auxiliary heat supplement device. ensure that the rated vaporization capacity can still be reached when the ambient temperature is - 5 ℃ and the butane content is 70%.

safe and reliable - the equipment is equipped with a magnetic turnover column liquid level gauge, a remote liquid level exceeding the standard alarm and a mechanical anti overflow device. the management personnel can intuitively understand the operation status of the carburetor on site or in the duty room, so as to effectively ensure the safe operation of the equipment and normal gas supply.

low operating cost - very low vaporization failure rate. the air temperature operation cost is zero. when the ambient temperature is reduced or the vaporization capacity is reduced doer  to the high butane content of liquefied gas, the auxiliary heat supplement device can be started, but the consumption cost is still only about 1 / 5 of that of electric heating type.

structural features

● easy installation and maintenance;

● special aluminum heat exchanger with high efficiency, lightweight design and long service life;

● special super large diameter special aluminum heat exchange tube, with extremely fast defrosting speed and effective inner fin structure, which greatly improves the heat exchange effect of the heat exchange tube;

● the "bridge" connection is beautiful and generous, and the stress caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction of each part can be eliminated during operation;

● carry out special anti-oxidation treatment process on the surface of heat exchange tube;

● optimize the process design to minimize the pressure drop, avoid bias flow, and ensure that the flow rate is controlled within a safe range;

● sufficient design margin;

● advanced high-pressure tube composite technology enables 100% full contact between pressure tube and heat exchange tube to ensure heat exchange efficiency;

● all gasifiers shall be cleaned and manufactured in full accordance with oxygen service standards, making them safer to use;

● it can be designed and manufactured according to electronic standards.

product parameters

applicable media: liquid natural gas lng, liquid petroleum gas lpg, liquid oxygen lox, liquid nitrogen lin, liquid argon lar, liquid carbon dioxide lco2, ethylene lc2h4, etc;

single set flow: 10-10000nm3 / h;

larger flow, longer continuous full load operation, which can be obtained by multiple parallel or multiple switching;

design conditions: the temperature is - 10 ° c, the relative temperature is 70%, and the gasification capacity can be used continuously for 8-12 hours.

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