136、about 2000m ³ degreasing of lng storage tank -凯时登录

 136、about 2000m ³ degreasing of lng storage tank -凯时登录

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136、about 2000m ³ degreasing of lng storage tank -doer equipment

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about 2000m ³ degreasing of lng storage tank

2000m ³ degreasing of lng storage tank:

1) after the tank is assembled, it can be degreased by spraying.

2) before installation, all vessel internals shall be thoroughly cleaned of grease and impurities. the inner cylinder wall plate, top cover plate and bottom plate shall be cleaned by wiping. after the installation of the inner and outer cylinders and the hydrostatic test, the inner cylinder shall be completely degreased, cleaned and blown away.

3) degreasing of the inner tank after the hydrostatic test of the inner tank, while discharging water, a floating raft is placed on the water surface of the inner tank. people sit on the floating raft and spray the degreasing mixture to the parts to be degreased with a high-pressure water gun pump. degreasing and cleaning are carried out in layers from top to bottom. first wash with degreasing mixture, and then rinse with clean water. this method can effectively prevent secondary pollution and has good degreasing effect.

4) after lowering to the bottom, the construction personnel enter the container and wipe the non degreased dead corner.

5) after degreasing, the container must be washed with grease free water, and the composition of the flushing solution shall be analyzed by chemical method. when the composition of the flushing solution is neutral, it indicates that the flushing work is over, and then air drying, degreasing work is completed.

2 drying treatment:

drying treatment of inner cylinder: blind the air outlet of each part of the cylinder with a blind plate, slowly fill the inner cylinder with dry and clean nitrogen with a dew point lower than - 40 ℃ to make the pressure reach 20kpa, suspend the inflation, open all connecting pipes and small valves on the cylinder to eject the gas in the cylinder to blow out the water and water vapor in the cylinder, connecting pipes and small valves; continue to fill with clean nitrogen and inflate while venting, but keep the pressure in the cylinder within 20 kpa. after drying for a period of time, measure the water content of the gas in the cylinder with a moisture meter. it is qualified if the dew point is lower than - 40 ℃, otherwise continue to purge.

drying treatment of interlayer: before filling pearlescent sand, the interlayer drying nitrogen gas pipe must be connected. before filling pearlescent sand, send dry nitrogen to the interlayer for purging and drying.

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