139、about tank anticorrosion and painting -凯时登录

 139、about tank anticorrosion and painting -凯时登录

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139、about tank anticorrosion and painting - doer equipment

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anti corrosion and painting of storage tank

this storage tank scheme only makes general provisions on anti-corrosion and painting. see the anti-corrosion construction scheme for details

1) the qualified paint shall be selected according to the design requirements. after the inner surface of the shell is shot peened and reaches sa2.5, the inner surface shall be coated with 60um epoxy zinc rich primer and the outer wall shall be coated with modified jotun primer 2 × 80um, jotun finish 2 × 40um, the coating shall be uniform without flowing. after coating, the thickness shall be measured with a thickness gauge. the interval time of each paint coating and the ambient temperature during coating shall be implemented according to the parameters provided by the paint manufacturer.

2) the paint shall be stirred evenly during use, and the tools used for paint construction and preparation shall be kept clean, and shall not be mixed casually.

3) the number of coatings shall meet the design requirements, the surface shall be smooth, the color shall be consistent, and there shall be no pinholes, bubbles, sags and other phenomena.

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