140、technical measures for she safety of storage tank -凯时登录

 140、technical measures for she safety of storage tank -凯时登录

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140、technical measures for she safety of storage tank - doer equipment

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technical measures for she safety of storage tank

the technical measures for she safety of storage tanks are as follows:

1. strictly implement the national policy of "safety first, prevention first" in construction and production, and regularly carry out safety education for employees.

2. before construction, construction workers must carry out safety education and be familiar with safety standards and operating procedures.

3. safety helmets must be worn when entering the construction site, and safety belts must be worn when working at heights above 2m.

4. all electrical machinery must be provided with feasible grounding protection. machines placed in the open air shall be provided with rain proof measures, and special personnel shall be assigned to inspect and maintain them regularly.

5. the tank shall be well ventilated, and the oxygen and acetylene belts shall be free of damage and air leakage

6. before entering the tank for operation, the construction personnel shall apply for the container entry permit, wear insulating shoes, and arrange special personnel for supervision on the outside.

7. safe power supply must be used in the tank. the wires and welding handle wires entering the tank must be well insulated to prevent electric shock.

8. all hoisting machines and tools have good performance, and the strength of hoisting cables and fixtures must be sufficient.

9. the hoisting must obey the unified command, and the internal and external signals must be unified.

10. when the expansion ring expands outward, all nodes shall be uniform, and the disassembly of the expansion ring shall be consistent and coordinated.

11. during hoisting, no one is allowed to stand under the working area of the boom.

12. the scaffold must be erected by special personnel to ensure sufficient firmness and stability.

13. strengthen the management of inflammables and explosives. the distance between oxygen cylinders and acetylene cylinders shall be more than 5m and more than 10m away from the fire.

14. the construction site must be connected with fire water and equipped with sufficient fire-fighting equipment to prevent fire.

15. during construction, all construction personnel shall monitor each other to prevent unsafe accidents.

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