145、about gasifier production process (5) -凯时登录

 145、about gasifier production process (5) -凯时登录

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145、about gasifier production process (5) - doer equipment

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about gasifier production process (5)

product structure of gasifier

connection mode: the bridge connection mode of optimized design is adopted as a whole.

material of connecting piece: including rhombic connecting block and side connecting block. both connecting blocks are made of 3a21 (i.e. 3003) aluminum, which has excellent resistance to sea wind erosion and high strength and toughness, so as to fully ensure the overall rigidity of the gasifier and ensure the strength requirements of the whole equipment during transportation, hoisting and installation to the greatest extent, it can effectively prevent the damage of cold and hot deformation to the structure during use. it has good comprehensive mechanical properties.

the bridge connection mode with optimized design has the following advantages:

1) it not only has the overall guarantee of steel strength, but also has sufficient guarantee of toughness, and can fully absorb and eliminate cold and thermal stress and other external stresses, so as to effectively ensure that all weld beads have no stress concentration and fully ensure the service life of weld beads.

2) it can increase the spacing between finned tubes without affecting the overall structural reliability, so as to effectively improve the overall ventilation effect, accelerate the defrosting and defrosting speed of liquid phase tubes, greatly reduce the influence of inter tube cooling capacity during heat exchange, prevent inter tube icing and expansion from affecting the gasification effect and increasing the overall weight.

3) considering that the whole gasifier has a large windward area, the overall shape outrigger of the air temperature main gasifier is designed as a vertical 12 leg form, with connecting blocks added in three layers. during operation, the surrounding air convection is good, frost falling is not easy to accumulate, the overall shape is beautiful, firm and durable. after strength verification, if it is equipped with a solid foundation, the equipment can still be used normally under magnitude 8 earthquake or magnitude 12 typhoon.

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