147、structural performance of lng vacuum storage tank -凯时登录

 147、structural performance of lng vacuum storage tank -凯时登录

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147、structural performance of lng vacuum storage tank - doer equipment

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structural performance of lng vacuum storage tank

the storage tank is a double cylinder vacuum powder insulated cryogenic liquid container, the inner container is made of austenitic stainless steel plate (s30408), the head is standard elliptical head, and the outer container is made of q345r steel plate. the interlayer is filled with pearlescent sand and vacuumized to the specified technical index. at the same time, an adsorbent that can prolong the vacuum life is set.

the theoretical calculation of evaporation rate index is higher than the standard requirements. the reliability of equipment and the minimum heat leakage of equipment are guaranteed. the equipment has high reliability and advanced nature.

the vacuum pumping and filtering device of the equipment adopts the skeleton structure with the largest diffusion surface, and buries the vacuum pumping and filtering pipeline as long as possible in the interlayer insulation pearlescent sand that needs vacuum pumping, so as to ensure the complete extraction of interlayer air and effectively ensure the guarantee of vacuum service life in terms of design and technology.

the surface of the outer tank has been thoroughly shot blasted and derusted to meet the sa21 / 2 standard. the paint is imported to ensure that the paint will not deteriorate for at least two years.

the low-temperature pipeline is specially designed according to the needs of the low-temperature liquid storage tank, which is centrally led out from the lower end to facilitate the layout, operation and control of the system pipeline, and a special transition structure is adopted at the outlet to meet the low-temperature requirements, reduce the stress caused by the thermal expansion and cold contraction of the pipeline and ensure the safety of the storage tank.

a special vacuum pumping device is adopted on the cryogenic liquid storage tank, equipped with imported vacuum gauge and vacuum isolation valve to ensure rapid, reliable and complete vacuum pumping and accurate vacuum measurement;

the storage tank can be filled with liquid at the bottom or at the top, which is convenient for users to design and combine various process flows.

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