154、do you know about the top ten uses of oxygen-凯时登录

 154、do you know about the top ten uses of oxygen-凯时登录

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154、do you know about the top ten uses of oxygen- doer equipment

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do you know the top ten uses of oxygen?

today, let's talk about the uses of oxygen by doer gas?

function of oxygen: in the modern world, oxygen mainly appears in biomedical, manufacturing and aerospace fields. the importance of oxygen far exceeds the understanding of human and animal respiratory system.

oxygen was discovered by joseph priestly in 1774. at first, it was necessary for combustion, so oxygen was used in metallurgy, which required extremely high temperature to carry out the required chemical reaction.

the role of oxygen in the human body cannot be exaggerated. the human system related to oxygen actually includes all human bodies, because all living human cells need a continuous supply of oxygen, otherwise they will die within a few minutes. extensive cell death in the same area can lead to tissue death or necrosis. this is also the serious consequence of new coronavirus's failure to absorb oxygen after normal lung infection.

10 uses of oxygen: the main specific uses of oxygen can be best summarized by dividing them into the above three convenient categories.

physiological uses of oxygen:

in cells, aerobic respiration requires oxygen so that energy can be extracted from the food intake. therefore, oxygen supplementation at home and in hospitals is essential for people with respiratory diseases such as emphysema.

climbers use compressed oxygen tanks at high altitudes to offset the reduced oxygen pressure at these altitudes.

forced surgical patients paralyzed by medical procedures need to supplement oxygen. in this case, the "cardiopulmonary machine" can maintain its important function.

oxygen can be used as a bactericide to kill certain anaerobic bacteria, which are killed by full exposure to gas.

industrial use of oxygen:

in iron and steel processing at high temperature in blast furnace, the reaction of converting carbon into carbon dioxide requires oxygen. the resulting carbon dioxide allows the reduction of iron oxide to a more pure iron compound.

oxygen is also used in other applications involving metals and requiring high temperatures, such as welding torches.

oxygen is used to degrade hydrocarbons and decompose them by heating. this is used to produce combustion that usually releases water and carbon dioxide, but may also produce hydrocarbons, acetylene, propylene and ethylene.

oxygen is used in sewage treatment plants and water purification plants. it is forced through water to increase the metabolism of bacteria, which metabolize waste in water.

aerospace oxygen use:

oxygen is widely used as an oxidant in missiles and rockets in liquid form. in oxygen, it reacts with liquid hydrogen to produce the huge thrust required for takeoff. astronauts' spacesuits include almost pure oxygen.

oxygen (o2) is required to generate energy in things not related to its own power supply, such as generators and vehicles (e.g., ships, aircraft and cars).

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