158、standard liquid oxygen supply station -凯时登录

 158、standard liquid oxygen supply station -凯时登录

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158、standard liquid oxygen supply station - doer equipment

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standard liquid oxygen supply station

according to the current gas supply mode of the hospital, 2-3 5-m3 liquid oxygen storage tanks are mostly selected, equipped with 200 standard m3 gasifier and pressure regulating device to ensure that the outlet pressure is not less than 0.4mpa. as shown in the process flow:

liquid oxygen is delivered to the site through a special tank car, connected to the storage tank through a low-temperature hose, and the liquid is discharged by using the pressure difference between the tank car and the storage tank. when oxygen supply is required, the liquid oxygen discharge valve of the storage tank is opened, gasified into gas through an air temperature gasifier, and then sent to the oxygen pipeline to the gas consumption point after pressure regulation and stabilization. at least two storage tanks and two gasifiers. the voltage regulating device is also designed according to two-way, and standby conditions are considered. standby equipment is available in case of emergency. s30408 stainless steel shall be used for pipeline valves in contact with oxygen, and degreasing treatment shall be carried out to ensure safety.

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