159、introduction to lng vacuum storage tank pipeline -凯时登录

 159、introduction to lng vacuum storage tank pipeline -凯时登录

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159、introduction to lng vacuum storage tank pipeline - doer equipment

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introduction to lng vacuum storage tank pipeline

lng vacuum storage tank is equipped with several valves and pipelines, including: top liquid inlet valve, bottom liquid inlet valve, liquid discharge method, overflow valve, vent valve, vacuum regulating valve, evacuation valve, main liquid inlet valve, gas use valve, three-way switching valve, inner cylinder safety valve, liquid level display gas phase valve, also display equalization valve, vacuum regulation, outer cylinder explosion-proof device, pressure gauge, liquid level gauge pipeline safety valve, remote interface, etc.

the material of the valve is very important. unqualified material will cause external or internal leakage of the shell and sealing surface; the comprehensive mechanical properties, strength and rigidity of parts can not meet the use requirements or even fracture. therefore, in the process of selecting the valve of low-temperature storage tank, the material is the primary key problem.

suzhou duer company has strict requirements for the selection of its products, valves and pipelines. after strict screening of its quality and performance by professionals, it ensures the safe and assured use of customers. customers are welcome to consult at any time.

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