6,let's learn about the dangers of lng-凯时登录

 6,let's learn about the dangers of lng-凯时登录

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6,let's learn about the dangers of lng- doer equipment

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let's learn about the dangers of lng!!!

according to the characteristics of lng, during the storage and processing of lng low-temperature vacuum storage tank, if the operation method is careless, the following hazards will be caused.

1. low temperature brittle fracture of equipment or pipeline

under low temperature conditions, the equipment and pipeline will cause brittle fracture of materials. if there is lng leakage, it is easy to frostbite the operator. in addition, after lng leakage or overflow, it will be gasified rapidly and form lng vapor cloud, causing shock.

2. overpressure in case of heat

doer  to the large gas-liquid volume ratio of lng, a small amount of lng can be converted into a large amount of gas in case of heat, which can cause a sharp rise in pressure in equipment and pipeline and cause overpressure accident.

3. explode

if lng is leaked and mixed with air after gasification to reach the explosion limit, it is very easy to explode and burn in case of open fire, and the radiant heat will cause great harm to people and equipment.

therefore, in the process of lng storage and production, if the operation is careless, it will be very dangerous!!!

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