185、characteristics of carbon dioxide spherical tank -凯时登录

 185、characteristics of carbon dioxide spherical tank -凯时登录

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185、characteristics of carbon dioxide spherical tank - doer equipment

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characteristics of carbon dioxide spherical tank

carbon dioxide spherical tank is a spherical tank with uniform stress on the shell. under the same diameter and working conditions, the membrane stress of the spherical vessel is only half of the circumferential stress of the cylindrical vessel with the same thickness, the corresponding pressure bearing capacity is strong, and the surface area of the spherical shell under the same volume is the smallest and the weight is light. however, due to the large volume of spherical storage tank, the spherical shell plate needs to be formed by the manufacturer and assembled and welded by the installation unit on site. it is difficult to manufacture and install, and the technical requirements are relatively high.

in case of fire in the tank farm, in order to prevent the pillar of the spherical tank from being burned and collapsed in a very short time, causing damage to the spherical tank and aggravating the accident, in addition to adopting fire-proof water spray for the tank body, the pillar with a height of more than lm shall be covered with heat-resistant concrete with a thickness of more than 50m or non combustible thermal insulation materials with equivalent performance.

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