186、spherical tank accessories -凯时登录

 186、spherical tank accessories -凯时登录

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186、spherical tank accessories - doer equipment

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spherical tank accessories - doer equipment

the ladder width and platform structure of spherical tanks are often based on the number of spherical tanks, site layout and process operation requirements there are different structural types.

for large spherical tanks, a separate ladder is generally used for each spherical tank, and the ladder structure is divided into; upper winding ladder and lower inclined ladder. because the approximate dry spherical image linear winding ladder has the following characteristics; the transfer platform at the equator can be connected to the circular platform at the top of the container. there is no need to add a transfer platform in the middle. the journey is short, and the walking is comfortable without the feeling of steep rise and fall; less steel consumption; the distance between the ladder and the sphere remains constant. in this way, the ladder is not only consistent with the spherical curvature hole, beautiful and generous, but also conducive to the construction of thermal insulation works.

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