189、hazard analysis of lng -凯时登录

 189、hazard analysis of lng -凯时登录

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189、hazard analysis of lng - doer equipment

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hazard analysis of lng - doer equipment

main contact routes between people and lng:


natural gas itself has no irritating effect on eyes, but it can be directly contacted with lng liquid and low-temperature gas under pressure, causing frostbite and permanent scars.


natural gas itself has no irritating effect on the skin, but direct contact with lng liquid and low-temperature gas can cause skin frostbite. the phenomenon of skin frostbite can be that the skin color turns gray and white, accompanied by blistering, etc., and the skin is inflamed and painful.


it is impossible to eat lng. contact with lng liquid will result in frostbite.


lng itself is non-toxic, but the content in the air is too high, which can cause damage to human nervous system, such as dizziness, drowsiness, headache, or similar to anesthesia, but it is not a long-term effect. among the reports on the impact of high natural gas content in the air on people, it is mainly numbness, "drunkenness" and vomiting. if lng contains benzene and other substances, it may be harmful to human body.

similar to carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, lng contains too much oxygen in the air, especially in closed spaces, which can replace the oxygen in the air. when the oxygen content in the air is less than 16%, people's maladjustment symptoms can be divided into several stages. accelerated breathing and pulse, headache, dizziness, visual impairment, unclear direction, sudden change of mood, limb weakness, convulsion, cyanosis, coma or several complications.

if the oxygen content in the air is too low, people will be unconscious, suffocated and dead, and then lead to nervous system disorder and death.

warning: without ventilation, the combustion of any hydrocarbon can produce combustion products, including carbon monoxide. these gases can cause unconsciousness, suffocation and death. people with heart disease, lung disease and blood disease are very sensitive to hypoxic air. breathing hypoxic air for a long time can aggravate their condition.

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