18,simple process flow of steam heated water bath vaporizer -凯时登录

 18,simple process flow of steam heated water bath vaporizer -凯时登录

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18,simple process flow of steam heated water bath vaporizer -doer equipment

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simple process flow of steam hot water bath vaporizer

steam heated water bath gasifier is a common heat exchange equipment, which can be divided into various types according to different gasification modes. next, we will introduce the simple characteristics and process flow of steam heated water bath gasifier.

steam heating gasification mode:

the steam heating gasifier uses saturated steam for heating. during its operation, the saturated steam is continuously sent to the stainless steel tube. a steam condensation chamber is set between the coaxial tube and the liquefied gas, and the steam condenses into water. the saturated steam is used to continuously heat the condensed water, and then the liquefied gas is heated by the condensed water to make it reach the superheated state in this relatively mild way. there is liquid medium inside the gasifier. when the gas volume rises and falls, the liquid level will rise and fall accordingly. thus, it can maintain the rationality of the internal heat exchange area of the gasifier and adapt to the change of gasification capacity. the on-off steam inlet of liquefied gas circuit can be controlled by using solenoid valve, temperature control valve, etc.

steam vaporizer is a relatively mild gasification device, which is practical in workshops with steam to achieve the advantages of waste utilization and cost saving. for more information about gasifiers, please consult the service hotline: 0512-81666096. doer  equipment also produces electric heating gasifiers, hot water circulating water bath gasifiers, lpg water bath gasifiers, etc.

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