27,applicable scenario of atmospheric storage tank -凯时登录

 27,applicable scenario of atmospheric storage tank -凯时登录

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27,applicable scenario of atmospheric storage tank - doer equipment

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applicable scenarios for atmospheric storage tanks

low temperature storage tanks are used in many scenarios, but low temperature atmospheric storage tanks are more suitable for liquefaction plants and receiving terminal stations

generally, low-temperature and normal pressure storage tanks are used in the liquefaction plant and the receiving terminal station, because the lng storage tanks in the receiving terminal station have a large volume (the volume of a single tank is greater than 50000 m) ³), other types of storage tanks cannot do this. the received liquid is transported by lng tank ship. the storage tank on lng tank ship is also in the form of low temperature and normal pressure, and the pressure changes little. in addition, bog condensing device is set in the receiving terminal station, which can convert bog into lng.

doer  to the liquefaction means in the liquefaction plant, the bog generated during storage can be transformed into regeneration gas for liquefaction. therefore, the low-temperature and normal pressure storage tank is adopted, and the bog evaporation has little effect on it.

since the lng used in the station is transported by truck tanker, the lng in the tanker is under pressure. unloading into the low-temperature and atmospheric pressure tank will produce a large amount of gasification and a large amount of bog gas. moreover, because bog is atmospheric gas, the investment and operation cost of bog compressor are high. the operating cost of lng pump also increased.

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