33,lng storage and gasification -凯时登录

 33,lng storage and gasification -凯时登录

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33,lng storage and gasification - doer equipment

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lng storage and gasification

lng liquid natural gas is an ultra-low temperature liquid, which cannot be used directly or transported directly in the air. it must be operated by a specific container and gasification device.

1. lng storage

storage tank is the main equipment of lng gasification station. for lng storage tank, there are vacuum powder insulated storage tank, positive pressure accumulation insulated storage tank and high vacuum layer insulated storage tank. vacuum powder insulated low-temperature storage tank is generally selected for small and medium-sized gasification stations. the storage tank is divided into inner and outer layers. the interlayer is filled with pearlite sand and vacuumized to reduce the transfer of external heat and ensure that the daily lng gasification rate in the tank is less than 0.3%

2. gasification of lng

gasification unit is a commonly used equipment at present. in the design, we usually use air temperature gasifier. its gasification capacity should be i.3 ~ 1.5 times of the calculated flow in peak hours in gas consuming cities and towns, not less than 2 sets, and there should be 1 set for standby. when the ambient temperature is low and the natural gas temperature at the outlet of the air heated gasifier is lower than 5 ℃, the outlet natural gas shall be reheated to ensure the normal operation of the whole gas supply. generally, the natural gas heater adopts water bath heater.

natural gas storage tank and vaporizer are inseparable integral equipment to ensure the operation of the whole gas supply system.

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