36,safety when using lng cryogenic storage tanks -凯时登录

 36,safety when using lng cryogenic storage tanks -凯时登录

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36,safety when using lng cryogenic storage tanks - doer equipment

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safety when using lng cryogenic storage tanks

lng is an ultra-low temperature liquid. special containers must be used to store lng for use, transportation and storage.

1. low temperature resistance

the boiling point of liquefied natural gas at atmospheric pressure is - 160 ℃. lng is stored at low temperature and normal pressure to reduce the temperature of natural gas below the boiling point, so that the operating pressure of the liquid storage tank is slightly higher than the normal pressure. compared with the high-pressure and normal temperature storage mode, it can greatly reduce the thickness of the tank wall and improve the safety performance.

therefore, lng requires the liquid storage tank to have good low temperature resistance and excellent cold insulation performance.

2. high safety requirements

as cryogenic liquid is stored in the tank, once an accident occurs in the tank, a large amount of refrigerated liquid will volatilize, and the gasification amount is about 300 times that of the original refrigerated state, forming an air mass that will detonate automatically in the atmosphere.

therefore, api, bs and other specifications require the storage tank to adopt double-layer wall structure and apply the blocking concept. when the first layer of tank leaks, the second layer of tank can completely block the leaked liquid and evaporated gas to ensure storage safety.

since lng is a low-temperature material, it must meet the safety conditions before it can be used, stored and transported. for more information about lng storage tanks, please contact the service hotline: 0512-81666096. doer equipment provides you with more information.

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