37,special nature of lng tank design -凯时登录

 37,special nature of lng tank design -凯时登录

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37,special nature of lng tank design - doer equipment

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special properties of lng tank design

lng cryogenic liquid must be designed according to special materials and special structures in order to complete the overall design and forming.

1. special materials

the inner tank wall is required to be resistant to low temperature. generally, 9ni steel or aluminum alloy and other materials are selected, and the outer tank wall is prestressed reinforced concrete.

2. strict thermal insulation measures

since the maximum temperature difference inside and outside the tank can reach 200 ℃, in order to keep the temperature inside the tank at - 160 ℃, the tank body must have good cold insulation performance, and high-performance cold insulation materials shall be filled between the inner tank and the outer tank. the cold insulation material at the tank bottom shall also have sufficient pressure bearing performance.

3. good seismic performance

the seismic requirement of general buildings is to crack without falling under the specified seismic load. in order to ensure the safety of the storage tank under accidental load, the storage tank must have good seismic performance. for lng storage tanks, it is required not to fall or crack under the specified seismic load.

only when these special requirements are met can the lng storage tank be safely produced and then delivered for safe use by users.

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