38,selection of lng vaporizer -凯时登录

 38,selection of lng vaporizer -凯时登录

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38,selection of lng vaporizer - doer equipment

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selection of lng vaporizer

considering environmental factors, gasifier use, cost efficiency, stability and safety, lng vaporizer must be reasonably selected and designed.

lng gasifiers are classified according to different heat media. common lng gasification heat media include air, river water or sea water, natural gas combustion, electric heating, plant waste heat, etc. american standard nfpa 59a divides lng gasifiers into three categories: heating gasifier, environmental gasifier and process gasifier.

lng gasifiers are classified according to different gasification capacity. small lng gasifiers with gasification capacity less than 50t / h are generally used in occasions with small gasification capacity, such as various small lng satellite receiving stations and gasification stations; however, china's coastal areas are large lng terminals, so lng gasifiers with large gasification capacity must be used.

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