40,simple structure of air heated gasifier -凯时登录

 40,simple structure of air heated gasifier -凯时登录

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40,simple structure of air heated gasifier - doer equipment

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simple structure of air heated gasifier

the basic parts of air temperature gasifier are often made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel with excellent oxygen corrosion resistance and high performance, so as to ensure product quality and safer use. the following is its basic structure:

the gasifier product is composed of inlet and outlet pipes, pipe row group, frame, etc., with basic structure.

a) inlet and outlet pipes

the medium enters the inlet pipe through the horizontal pipe and flows through the finned pipe in the pipe row group. the finned pipe and fins absorb the heat in the air to gasify the liquid medium into gas, and the gasified gas is discharged to the required place of use through the outlet pipe.

b) pipe bank group

the flow process of medium in the finned tubes of the tube bank group is the heat exchange process. doer to the strict cleaning and degreasing treatment on the inner wall of the tube, the flow resistance loss in the tube is very small. the finned tube is made of 3003 0cr18ni9.

c connection

the connecting structure of the fin is composed of central connecting piece and single connecting piece. the material is ld aluminum profile, which is connected by clamp pressure. the overall structure is flat and beautiful, and is manufactured in strict accordance with the requirements of the drawing.

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