1,necessity of water quality analyzer for monitoring water source and health-凯时登录

 1,necessity of water quality analyzer for monitoring water source and health-凯时登录

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1,necessity of water quality analyzer for monitoring water source and health

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necessity of monitoring water source and health by water quality analyzer

at present, our domestic water is relatively clean. water treatment plants have undergone various water purification processes. the state has certain data on the water quality requirements. however, we have not detected the water quality and do not know whether it can not meet the standards. now people just heat the water and think that the water quality is safe, and we do not know the types of heavy metals in the water, is it better for our family to use the filter element to purify the water source repeatedly? in fact, it is not necessarily a healthy water source. trace elements needed by human body are also absorbed by internal substances of water source, so it is necessary to analyze water quality. with these questions, we asked the water quality analyzer to help us answer. suzhou doer:

water quality analyzer is widely used in water works, food, chemical industry, metallurgy, environmental protection and pharmaceutical industry. it can be used to determine turbidity, chroma, suspended solids, residual chlorine, total chlorine, combined chlorine, chlorine dioxide, dissolved oxygen, ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, chromium, iron, manganese, copper, nickel, zinc, sulfate, phosphate, nitrate nitrogen, anionic detergent, odor and cod in sewage

(1) the prepared reagent should be kept in the air for a long time,

(2) after the reagent is added to the water sample, shake it well,

(3) analysis of pure concentrated sulfuric acid or sulfuric acid effective time,

(4) the temperature of the analyzer should not be too high.

2. before the experiment, the host should be warmed up for 16-20 minutes.

3. when pulling the pull rod of the tester, ensure that the measured cuvette is accurately aligned with the light path.

4. after the reaction solution is poured into the cuvette, there is a small bubble floating up, which affects the fluctuation of the digital display. when the number is stable, read again.

5. for the continuous determination of multiple samples, pour the solution in the measured cuvette from one corner, clean it with distilled water, and then pour in the new solution to be measured. the error introduced is within the allowable range. in order to make the error smaller, the cod value of water sample can be increased from small to large.

6. when pouring the solution from the cuvette, do not splash the solution on the transparent window of the cuvette. before colorimetric determination, check whether the window of the cuvette is clean. in addition to visual inspection, check the optical density a of each cuvette to see whether its relative value is consistent

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