25,working principle of air heated vaporizer -凯时登录

 25,working principle of air heated vaporizer -凯时登录

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25,working principle of air heated vaporizer - doer equipment

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working principle of air heated vaporizer

air heated vaporizer is the most widely used gasification device at home and abroad. its principle is very simple, and it is often preferred by various industries.

the air heated vaporizer is usually made of finned aluminum tube. when the "cold" liquid gas flows into the vaporizer, the air around the vaporizer exchanges heat with the cold liquid gas in the finned aluminum tube, and the temperature decreases. this results in the flow of air, and new "relatively hot" air rushes around the carburetor to continue the new heat exchange.

of course, this is an ideal state. in fact, the overhead heated vaporizer is usually placed outdoors, and the wind will take the cold air away. when there is no cloud or wind, we can start some auxiliary equipment to "make wind artificially".

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